Social Studies with Mrs. Macera
ROANOKE JOURNALS!The children will be taking on the role of a colonist man, woman or child who set sail for the new world with John White. After extensive work and reading of materials about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, your child will be keeping a Roanoke Journal. This journal will reveal the theory your child has developed over the past few weeks. It will be interesting to see what your child believes happened to these lost colonists!
The journals consist of 4 writing entries and extra entries if your child chooses to do so. Each entry is completed in school and final journals will also be completed in class. The final journals will encorporate a test grade in both Social Studies and Writing.

Here you will find any study guides, vocabulary word lists and dates to remember! Soon we will begin our Social Studies projects and this page will help keep your child on track with due dates and assignments!