1. 5th Grade Policies and Procedures 2017-2018
    • Mrs. Deborah Macera = Room 125
    • Mrs. Melissa Kirrane = Room 123

Communication with Teachers:
  • The easiest and quickest way to communicate with the teachers is through email. Email is checked every morning and at the end of the school day. Responses to email will be made before and after school, Monday through Friday.
  • Our email addresses are:

Mrs. Kirrane: mkirrane@cpsed.net

Mrs. Macera: dmacera@cpsed.net

  • Responses to emails/letters/notes will usually be made on the same day they are received through email or written note.
  • Communication via telephone is possible as well; however, due to time constraints, calls can be made only before or after school.

  • Nightly assignments (Monday-Thursday), IXL/Zearn (25 minutes each night) and Read (15-20 minutes each night.)
  • Any assignments that are not completed in class during the school day, will be finished as homework.

  • Math
    • Adequate notice will be given for end-of-unit assessments, quizzes and tests, except of course for a "pop quiz!"
    • IXL will be used daily/nightly for extra math reinforcement on skills learned that day.
    • STAR MATH: assessment used at least 3 times per year to assess progress toward achieving standard.
  • Writing
    • Grammar/spelling/vocabulary minutes, quizzes and tests; ACES (short) writing prompts, essays, stories, and benchmark writing pieces will all be used to assess each child’s progress.
  • Reading
    • Benchmark, Weekly, and Unit Assessments will be given throughout the year.
    • STAR Reading: assessment used at least 3 times a year to show child’s growth throughout the year.
  • Social Studies/Science
    • Students will receive adequate notice before a unit test.
    • Study guides will be given, as needed.

Missing Written Homework:
  • If a student does not complete a written homework assignment (except due to an excused absence), a Missing Assignment Notice will be sent home requiring parent signature. The student must complete the portion of the notice stating why the assignment was not handed in.
  • In order for the student to receive full credit for the missed assignment, it must be handed-in the next school day. If the notice and assignment are not handed in on the second school day after it was due, the student will receive a “0” for the assignment and will not have the opportunity to make it up.

Missing IXL Homework:
  • Students that do not complete their IXL online assignments, will have 1 night to complete. If they are not completed, the grade will be a 0.

Progress Reports:
  • Students will receive a progress report, approximately half way through each quarter, if they have an average of 70% or lower in a subject, are in danger of failing a subject, or if a grade has dropped a letter grade from the previous quarter.

  • Students will write homework, tests/quizzes, projects, important reminders & events in planners daily. Planners will be checked for completion by peers & tickets will be awarded.
  • Parents are welcomed, but not required, to check their child’s planners on a regular basis.

Friday Folders:
  • Friday Folders will be distributed on Friday afternoon, or the last day of the school week, prior to dismissal. It will contain work corrected that week, tests, and quizzes, as well as some notices.
  • The student will return the folder (and any papers requiring signature 70% or lower) the following Monday.
  • The teacher will retain any assignments, tests, quizzes or projects that require signatures.

Reward Systems:
Tickets- (Individual and Whole Class)
  • Students earn tickets for good behavior, completing planners, good test grades, receiving compliments, etc.
  • Students can lose tickets for not completing planners, failure to return their Friday Folders, inappropriate behavior, not being prepared for class, etc.
  • During the month, students can “trade” tickets for items such as extra recess, homework passes, free computer time, school supplies, etc.
  • Throughout the month of June, accumulated tickets will be used to earn “free activity” periods during the last week of school.

Marble Jar (Whole Class)
  • The class will receive marbles for compliments, working cooperatively, hard-working, etc. Once the jar is filled, the class will be rewarded with a surprise!

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